Our Rooms

The Nest

(3 months - 2years)

The baby room is located upstairs in the Barn. We can accommodate a maximum of 12 babies a day, who are cared for on a 1:3 ratio. Staff follow each individual  baby’s routine and during their day at nursery, each baby will access our secure baby garden at least once a day, if not more. The staff provide a wide variety of  activities every day for the babies to participate in, which encourage them to build on social interactions, communication skills, having fun and being involved.


From 23 months we begin to settle our babies into the toddler group for short periods during their day to allow them a gradual settling in process. 


2 - 3 years

The toddler room offers a very flexible play space that is used to best meet the needs of the children using it. There is an option of free flow into a small outdoor space during ‘busy time’ where the children can choose where they want to play and learn. The toddler children will then access the main garden 2-3 times per day. 

The toddler room is home to a maximum of 12 children per day, and they operate on a 1:4 ratio. 

The toddler routine is put together to support the children in coming together for short periods of time and for structured play and learning, other times of the day are set up to encourage the children to have independence and free flow. 


3 - 5 years

The preschool room is bright and exciting with a natural woodland theme. The numbers in the preschool room will increase gradually over the year and may reach the maximum of 22 children per day, the children of this age are on a 1:8 ratio. Although the amount of structured play and learning is increased within this age group, the ethos remains as learning through play. The staff endeavour to find new and exciting ways to engage and capture the children’s attention and imagination insuring that the involvement levels are high. Staff have built up good repours with the local schools and have devised strong procedures to help the children make a positive transition from nursery to school. 


We have wonderful outdoor areas within the nursery setting; a safe play space for our younger babies, still packed with natural interest and challenges. A small extension to the toddler environment- an outdoor area providing an opportunity for free flow and choices into an outdoor space. We have developed the main garden over the years that we have been open into the exciting and flourishing space that it is today. We have created different areas and spaces to ensure that the children are able to develop within all areas of learning and development and are encouraged to take risks and enjoy the outdoors all year round. 

All children of all ages can enjoy our beautiful location when we go out for walks in our local, privately owned fields and woodland areas.